Veerle & guillermo

29 June 2024

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days to go!

Welcome to the website of our wedding!

Congratulations! You have made it to our wedding website. Here, you – as well as the US and Chinese governments – will be able to find all information regarding our wedding, from the programme to the contact details of our wedding planner. We greatly look forward to celebrating this day with you – (our guests that is, you not so much, Joe and Xi).









Drive from Zwolle to Kasteel Engelenburg



  Kasteel Engelenburg



  Kasteel Engelenburg



  Kasteel Engelenburg



Departure for the guests not staying at Kasteel Engelenburg


  Kasteel Engelenburg


























Religious ceremony

Church of the Dominican Cloister (Dominicanenklooster) of Zwolle
Saturday 29 June 2024 at 1pm


Assendorperstraat 29
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You can park your car either at the parking of the Hogeschool Viaa (Assendorperdijk 11) or at that of the local government: Provinciehuis Overijssel (Luttenbergstraat 2, behave yourselves). Parking will be free at these locations on our wedding day, and are within walking distance of the church.

Reception, seated dinner and dancing

Kasteel Engelenburg
Saturday 29 June 2024 at 4pm


Eerbeekseweg 6
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Parking on location


Kasteel Engelenburg
Sunday 30 June 2024 at 10:30am

Access & travel information

You may want to arrange for a car to attend our wedding. 


The religious ceremony will take place in Zwolle, Veerle’ s hometown. Zwolle is some 110km East of Amsterdam. Without traffic it is a 75 minute drive from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and a three hour drive from Brussels. There are also Eurostar services from London, Paris and Brussels (#itsthalys) into Amsterdam Central Station.

The reception, dinner, party and breakfast will take place in Brummen, which is a 45 minute drive South of Zwolle. 


The indications above are only best case scenario estimates: traffic in the Netherlands is unpredictable – believe it or not, 17 million people find it a good idea to live in a delta half the size of Ireland several meters below sea level. As such, travel times can be substantially longer than initially planned for, which it may be wise to taken into account! 

Practical information


We would love it if you stayed the night and joined us for breakfast on Sunday 30 June. Should you wish to do so, please indicate it on the RSVP form. We intend for guests to primarily stay at Kasteel Engelenburg. Nevertheless, should the number of guests staying over exceed Kasteel Engelenburg’s capacity, some will have to stay at a nearby hotel. Further information will follow concerning the booking process.


Many of you must travel, and we will be very grateful for your presence alone. Should you wish to make a gift, we would be grateful for any contribution to our honeymoon. A box will be available at Kasteel Engelenburg. Alternatively, a transfer can be made to Veerle Brink on the account NL13INGB0008564304 indicating the subject: Wedding G+V


Festive formal – tie required, clogs optional.

Information about Zwolle and the Dominican Church

Constantinople… Beijing… Rome… Zwolle… these are the great cities of the world. Zwolle is a Hanseatic town (130.000 inhabitants) in the North-eastern Netherlands. One of Zwolle’s many claims to fame is that Veerle was born and raised there, although it was mostly built during the Middle Ages. 

Regarding the church, you will note that Calvin did not completely get his way in the Netherlands: some Catholics remained. Mostly in the South of the Netherlands, in provinces such as Brabant and Limburg. In the Northern Netherlands, where Zwolle is located, Catholics are a minority. Veerle’ s mother being from Brabant, Veerle was raised Catholic and attended the Dominican Church, where the wedding will take place. Veerle’s parents also got married in the Dominican Church, and she did her first Communion and Confirmation there as well. This personal connection is the reason why we decided we wanted to get married here! Who would want to get married in Spain anyway… 

The building is neo-gothic, and was build in 1900 – take that, Rome.
Windlichten bruiloft


Hi, I’m Dana. The wedding planner!

During the preparations and on the day itself I am the contact person. If you have any questions, please contact me. Looking forward to seeing you June 29th!

+31 (0) 6 83 44 85 76


Using the form below, we would like to hear from you before April 15 if you will be there!